Well the good news is…

We’re all still alive, well at least Sasha, Kate and I. As for the Deer? I’m not sure.

So we’re coming back from an awesome Thanksgiving dinner at Kate’s Pop-pop’s house and we hit a Deer. It jumped right in front of the car! I slam on the brakes but not fast enough and that deer went flying. It landed about 24′ away, conveniently, in the shoulder of the road. I thought for sure it was dead. I get out and look at the car and it’s all messed up. I look back at the deer and its got it’s head up! Oh, and some guy stops on the other side of the road looking at the deer. When the deer gets up and jumps away, he doesn’t even bother checking if we’re ok… Jerk. It was limping, so I’m assuming it at least broke it’s leg…

And how did Sasha do through all of this you ask? She woke up, looked around and went back to sleep! I don’t know if she even realized what happened…

My poor Mini!

And now begins dealing with the insurance companies! Yay!!! Hopefully it’s just the hood and no engine doo-hickies.

Update: Good thing we have insurance, we only have to pay our deductible! Looks like they have to completely replace the hood and radiator.
We’ve hot Horace Mann and based on this experience so far I can definitely recommend them. The lady I dealt with was very nice and helpful.

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