Crown Valley Brewing: Plowboy Porter

Company: Crown Valley Brewing

Location:  Ste. Genevieve, Missouri

Name:  Plowboy Porter

Alcohol: 5.5% Alc.

Color: Dark Brown

Price:  $8.99 a six-pack





Description: It’s actually kinda light for a porter.  It’s got a decent head which goes down pretty quickly, which is probably due to the fairly high amount of carbonation, maybe a little too much.  It’s kinda sweet, and there’s a nice nutty smell which is present in the after taste.  The only down side to it is there is a slight “Belgianie” after taste to it.

At 5.5% it’s a little light, but seeing as it’s already on the lighter side of porters, it works pretty well.

Would i get it again?: Yes. 

Would I recommend it?: Yes.  It seems closer to a dark lager then a porter, but if you like that kinda thing, then you’ll enjoy this beer.


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