My Shop

Phase 1 of my new year’s resolution is under way.  I finally cleaned up my shop!


The bulk of the cleaning is done (a big thanks to Sol for all his help!), now for Phase 2: organizing and upgrading!

As far as upgrades, I’m going to run a 220v line and convert the table saw so I can get it off of the only circuit in the shop! 

The next thing I want to do is improve the miter sled.  I think I’m going to make more of a table using plywood and put a measuring tape on it…

Then I’m going to improve the wood storage.  I’ll add plywood shelves that run the length to better support the wood so it doesnt warp.

I’d like to do a little with the cabinets by the door.  I think I’ll add in a draw for the saw blades and router bits on the left of the door, or maybe where the drill press stand is…

Stay tuned for Phase 3.

One thought on “My Shop

  1. Phase 3 hopefully involves building an addition for the new shop or moving to a place that can support your woodworking habit!

    BTW – Step it up and install a dedicated 220-volt cicuit for the saw.

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