Guiness: Extra Stout

Company: Guinness

Location:  St. James’s Gate Dublin

Name:  Extra Stout

Alcohol: 5%?

Color: Black

Price:  $8.99 a six-pack





Description: It’s not Guiness Draught.  It’s Guiness Stout.  For some reason a lot of people don’t know the difference.  I once spend 15 minutes trying to explain the difference to a waitress, and, when I thought I finally explained it, guess what I got.

This is a classic.  It’s one of those beers that you love or hate.  I happen to love it.  It’s much better then the Draught in my opinion.  It dosent have the awesome bubbles and head that the Draught has, but it makes up for it in taste.

Would i get it again?: Yes. 

Would I recommend it?: Yes.  If you’ve only ever had the one that’s in the “normal” bottle with the thingy inside it, pick up a six pack of this.  Get a six pack of Bass Ale and make yourself a Black and Tan!


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