Quick: Bud Light Platinum

Name: Bud Light Platinum

Alcohol:  6%

Description:  Here is the first in a new sub series of beer reviews.  When ever I’m out and/or don’t have access to my main gear I’m gonna do a little quick review…  All these shots will be with my iPhone (4S) and with the best lighting I can find…  Take this shot for example, I borrowed a few friends smart phones and used their LCD screens to provide make shift strip lights on the label…

For this beer, I was down in Rehoboth for a get together before my friend’s wedding.  We went to DFH and then when they closed we went next door to [The Summer house?] to continue the night.  So, why did I defile my taste buds with a Bud Light you ask?  Because I was given it for one, two I was already pretty toasted at this point anyway… And three, to provide you all with this cautionary tale!  Don’t get this beer.  I can fully and whole heartedly say that you should never buy this beer.  Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered a fountain soda and the mix between the syrup and the seltzer water was off?  Like there was too sprite syrup in there?  Well this is what the Bud Light Platinum tastes like.  They injected more Bud Light syrup into the mix and called it “Platinum”.  There are two situations when I will voluntarily purchase Bud Light (or similar).  One, when there will be a lot of drinking involved (lets say at a Bachelor party) because I want keep hydrated.  And two, at a baseball game.  Something about a $9 light beer and a cool hotdog that’s awesome…  This fills neither.  If they could have kept the lightness of the regular Bud Light and still gotten the 6% I’d have considered giving this a good review.  So, if you want something with 6%, drink 2 Bud lights…

Would I get this again?  No.  If someone gives me another, I’ll try to restrain myself from smacking them.

Would I recommend this?  No.


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