Quick: Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout

Name: Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout

Location: Based out of North Carolina.

Description:  We went to the Outer Banks for vacation this year and I’m always up for trying new beers.  If you come across this one definitely pick up a six pack, or better yet if you can mix and match drop at least one in.  Its strong for a Milk stout.  Has a bitter kinda spicy taste to it.  Compared to the Lancaster Milk Stout, this one is the complete opposite.

Would I get it again? Yes.

Would I recommend it?  Yes.  I would suggest pairing this with some strongly flavored food.

Anchor Brewing: Anchor Steam

Company: Anchor Brewing Co.

Location:  San Fransisco, CA

Name: Anchor Steam

Alcohol:  4.9%

Color: Amber.

Description:  Had this one when we went out to CA last year on vacation.  When I saw that they had it here in DE, I definitely had to get some.  Its got a different taste then your average ale that is definitely worth a spot on the regular rotation.

Would I get it again?: Yes.

Would I recommend it?: Yes.

As always, if you’ve had this beer, please feel free to comment with your opinion of it.

Quick: Bud Light Platinum

Name: Bud Light Platinum

Alcohol:  6%

Description:  Here is the first in a new sub series of beer reviews.  When ever I’m out and/or don’t have access to my main gear I’m gonna do a little quick review…  All these shots will be with my iPhone (4S) and with the best lighting I can find…  Take this shot for example, I borrowed a few friends smart phones and used their LCD screens to provide make shift strip lights on the label…

For this beer, I was down in Rehoboth for a get together before my friend’s wedding.  We went to DFH and then when they closed we went next door to [The Summer house?] to continue the night.  So, why did I defile my taste buds with a Bud Light you ask?  Because I was given it for one, two I was already pretty toasted at this point anyway… And three, to provide you all with this cautionary tale!  Don’t get this beer.  I can fully and whole heartedly say that you should never buy this beer.  Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered a fountain soda and the mix between the syrup and the seltzer water was off?  Like there was too sprite syrup in there?  Well this is what the Bud Light Platinum tastes like.  They injected more Bud Light syrup into the mix and called it “Platinum”.  There are two situations when I will voluntarily purchase Bud Light (or similar).  One, when there will be a lot of drinking involved (lets say at a Bachelor party) because I want keep hydrated.  And two, at a baseball game.  Something about a $9 light beer and a cool hotdog that’s awesome…  This fills neither.  If they could have kept the lightness of the regular Bud Light and still gotten the 6% I’d have considered giving this a good review.  So, if you want something with 6%, drink 2 Bud lights…

Would I get this again?  No.  If someone gives me another, I’ll try to restrain myself from smacking them.

Would I recommend this?  No.

Lancaster: Milk Stout

Company: Lancaster Brewing Co.

Location:  Wilkes-Barre, PA

Name: Milk Stout

Alcohol:  5% ?

Color: Dark brown to black.


Review: Nikon 85mm f/1.8G

I’ve been looking for a good portrait lens that won’t break the bank, is sharp, has good Bokeh quality, and a low F-stop.  Enter Nikon’s 85mm F/1.8G.


Victory: Summer Love

Company: Victory Brewing Co.

Location:  Downingtown, PA

Name: Summer Love

Alcohol:  5.2%

Color: Pale amber.











Sierra Nevada – Ruthless Rye

Company: Sierra Nevada

Location:  Chico, CO

Name:  Hoptimum

Alcohol: 10.4%

Color: Amber










SanDisks Extreme Pro 16GB UHS-1 95 MB/s SDHC

I currently have a Transcend 16GB Class 10 SDHC card.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been shooting at 6fps and hit my buffer limit of 9 shots and the camera slows to a crawl!  It’s unbearable!  I don’t want to think about how many shots I’ve missed because of that…  When I got it, I thought Class 10 was the fastest card you could get, so I got 2 of them.  They were so cheap!  They’re even cheaper now!  At a little over $1 a GB, I figured I couldn’t go wrong.

Enter the SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB UHS-1 95 MB/s SDHC.  I’ve never been so thoroughly amazed by something in such a short amount of time.  This card is awesome.  Well worth (assuming it holds up) the $50 i paid for it.

DIY: Snoot

While making the Softbox, I used some of the smaller scraps and made a snoot that I’d been wanting to try out for a little while.


The first shot shows all the materials involved: straws, scrap corruplast, and some duct tape.  What it doesn’t show is that the straws are taped together.  The next shot is with the straws extended slightly.

The next shot shows the flash firing without the straws inside it, and then with them.  As you can see the beam is significantly tighter.  It’s also a bit dimmer.  You’ll have to raise the flash power to compensate.  I’ll update this post with a more exact value of how much light you lose.

DIY 22″x32″ Softbox

So, I found a new site, Larryscheapshots.com a few days ago and I really liked one of his posts.  Here and Here.  He made a little softbox that went on the end of a speedlight.  I don’t really care for my light to be that close to the camera unless I have no option, so I took his idea to the next level…  (We’ll Tarantino this)